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Hello there!

I am Lindsay Inez, a graphic designer and contemplative creator.

Trained in studio art and graphic design, I love to combine traditional and digital mediums in my work to create one-of -a-kind, polished designs with a “hand-made” quality.

I enjoy working with mindful businesses, non-profits, and individuals who share my passions towards making beautiful things, and providing goods and services that reconcile us to one another. It is so inspiring to see how you all are creatively making this happen in your own community whether it’s crafting an inspiring menu, thoughtfully planning events for your community, perfecting the art of the macchiato, providing counseling and direction for individuals, selling creative goods . . . the list goes on! It is my joy to jump in and provide you with the inspiring menu design, the thoughtful event poster, the perfect illustration for your to-go cups, the business cards, the branding, etcetera!

If you are interested in making something beautiful together, please reach out to me via the “Contact” link in the menu. To check out a list of services I provide, head over to the "Services" link in the menu. For examples of my work, look to the "Work" link in the menu. To see more of what I’m making every day, visit @lindsayinezmakes on Instagram.


Lindsay Inez