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Manicured nail salon

Owner, Hannah Ha, is passionate about caring well for her clients, her employees, and her planet. This salon’s branding needed to reflect the devotion ManiCured has for sustainable practices and an inclusive, welcoming space for clients of all ages, genders, and life-walks. A warm, natural color palette with a vibrant pop does this, and so do the abstracted forms of natural botanical elements. The clean, minimalist Logo Type reflects Hannah’s personal style, and sets the tone for an eclectic, mid-century interior style inside the salon. Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

ManiCured. Denver CO.

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The image of the log cross section is one that really speaks to the heart of the Abbey, an organization in Colorado that provides “renewal for faith leaders, personal spiritual guidance, and sacred space to encounter God.” The choice to use a natural element to identify the Abbey was significant. The Abbey’s name alludes to a building: a place for spiritual discovery and intimacy with God. However, we wanted the Abbey’s mark to broaden this idea of sacred space. The tree rings point to the history and tradition of Christian spirituality, as well as tell a story of each individual’s own spiritual journey.

the Abbey. Denver, CO.

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Molca is an accessory shop highlighting the beauty of material. We started with an idea of a thoughtfully sustainable brand that celebrated the handmade as well as the fun, colorful, vibrancy of the artist’s Mexican roots. The name, Molca, comes from the Spanish word, molcajete, meaning mortar & pestle, a tool traditionally used to grind down natural dyes. The artist was first drawn to this name because of her devotion to her own cultural roots and her commitment to using natural processes when making accessories. Molca’s brand celebrates both of those ideas with its minimalist hand-written logo and its exotic branded pattern.

MOLCA. Orange County, CA.

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A logo design for Stef Fox Photography. Red-head photographer, Stefanie Fox, wanted a logo that used her namesake to personify herself as a spunky fox with a camera, capturing sweet moments and telling people's stories. After a few iterations drawn on Procreate, we settled on this twinkle-eyed lady sporting a vintage camera, and finished the mark off with some feminine script and vintage typewriter font. Procreate, Adobe Illustrator.

Stef Fox Photography. Denver, CO.

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A logo design for Spiritual Direction office, Inward Journey Denver. Charlie from Inward Journey wanted to use the image of cairns to illustrate the marking of one's path along their spiritual journey. Adobe Illustrator.

Inward Journey Denver. Denver, CO.



Branding project for fictional cafe. Mood boards capture a retro style and illustrate different uses of the cafe's new logo. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign.

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