I provide contemplative creativity and design that helps you help your community. However you serve your clients, I want to assist you by making beautiful things to promote and accompany your products and services. Here are some services available for commission. If you have a unique idea for a commission that may not fall into one of these categories, let's chat! I would love to collaborate with you.

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Illustration can be useful for giving a creative product a unique and beautiful identity.  Illustrations can accompany articles, stories, musical albums. They can also exist in patterns for products like stationary, journals, clothing, accessories, etc. 


Branding and Logos

Branding is an instrumental part of starting your new business or establishing an identity of an existing venture. When we work on branding for your business, we will put together a case study, complete with a digital inspiration board, proposed color stories, font families,  and a logo with examples of how the logo interacts with your products, printed materials, website, or any other materials.

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Layout encompasses any printed materials you may need for your business. This includes but is not limited to promotional materials, flyers, posters, business cards, stationary, invitations, menus, etc.  In this process, you provide any written or photographed content and I work my magic to put it all together in a creative and visually appealing way that will speak to your specific audience.